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Advanced Formulas & Functions in Excel: Solve Your Data Challenges

More and more, your company is asking you to do some things with Excel spreadsheets that may leave you challenged or even overwhelmed. Maybe someone else worked on a spreadsheet, and then they moved on, and now you are in charge of that spreadsheet. That is ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • Tom Fragale
  • Nov 28, 2023
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Avoiding 483s throughout your organization - strategies, risk and mitigating approaches

Certainly, the most simplistic solution to achieving compliance excellence and 483 avoidance is “to do the right things right!” But what does this really mean?   I have distilled the “doing the right things right” solution into 7 separate individual keys or ...

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FDA Regulation of Artificial Intelligence - Machine Learning

AI/ ML will revolutionize medicine by making diagnosis and treatment more accessible and more effective. FDA has regulated medical device software by means of regulations and guidance for years, however, AI/ML programs fall outside the scope of these regulatio ...

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Intro to Proper Aseptic Technique and Clean room Behaviour

In sterile compounding, the aseptic technique contributes to the prevention of microbiological contamination.  It provides sterility, safety, and efficacy to the sterile product, especially various injections for patients. Cleaning, Gowning, and proper methods ...

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Understanding the incredible uses and fallbacks of Chat GPT

ChatGPT has been created with one main objective - to predict the next word in a sentence, based on what's typically happened in the gigabytes of text data that it's been trained on. Once you give ChatGPT a question or prompt, it passes through the AI model a ...

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Remediation - Resolve Root Causes of Compliance Issues

Understanding the Importance of Remediation: We will explore the significance of resolving root causes and how it can help organizations achieve sustainable compliance, mitigate risks, and maintain a robust ethical framework. Identifying Root Causes: Learn ho ...

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How to Prepare for and Host an FDA Inspection and respond to 483s

In this webinar you will learn how to prepare for an inspection and how to respond to a 483 or Warning letter if you receive one. You will learn about the types of FDA inspections, preparations such as assigning personnel to specific tasks for the inspection, ...

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CGMP Manufacturing Methods - PPC and SPC

This webinar will define what are the US FDA's expectations for the use of statistical techniques, e.g., 21 CFr 820.25, for establishing, controlling, and verifying the acceptability of process capability and product characteristics, sampling plan justificatio ...

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FDA - ICH Guideline Q9 R1 on Quality Risk Management

The training session aims to provide participants with an understanding of the International Council for Harmonization (ICH) Q9 guideline, with a focus on the revised version, ICH Q9(R1). Participants will learn about the principles, concepts, and application ...

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Cost Reduction Approaches in Purchasing

There are new roles that require a thorough understanding of functional interrelationships if you are to succeed. With the knowledge and practical methodology learned in this course, you will have the ability to boost your supplier’s performance.