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Humane Layoffs: How to Let People Go with Compassion and Decency

Due to COVID-19 and the current recession, many organizations are in the unfortunate situation where downsizing and layoffs are required in order to sustain the business and survive. Join this webinar to learn seven best practices for planning and communicati ...

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How to Communicate Effectively in a Diverse Workplace

Globalization and technology have created an increasingly diverse workplace. As the world population grows and our connectivity increases, working alongside colleagues from different generations, life experiences, cultures, genders, orientations, and religions ...

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How to get a 510(k) for a Machine Learning Product

We will explain what a 510(k) is and explain the other FDA regulatory pathways. We will discuss how software can be considered a device by the FDA.  The procedure to obtain a 510(k) will be explained.  The contents of the submission to the FDA will be explain ...

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Recovering Wage Overpayments

Recovering wage overpayments can be a time-consuming and sometimes challenging process for professionals. State laws governing recovery of employer overpayment and adjustment of related taxes often vary from the federal rules and from state to state. Recovery ...

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Assessing Audit Evidence

The objective of every internal audit engagement is to assess the adequacy and effectiveness of key management controls in the area that’s under review. In order to do that, the auditor has to decide what evidence to review and how much is needed to achieve th ...

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Essential Public Speaking Skills Anyone Can Master for Workplace Success

Whether your goal is to inform, persuade, entertain, or train, there are core communication strategies and presentation techniques that will ensure you give a professional presentation that engages your audience and achieves your desired outcomes.  Poor presen ...

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Are You Ready to Handle Unclaimed or Abandoned Wages in 2023

It is every employer’s responsibility to identify which paychecks have remained unclaimed by employees and to turn over these “unclaimed wages” to the appropriate state annually.  But most employers are unaware of this requirement and are equally unaware of th ...

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Improving Organizational Performance through Enhanced Employee Engagement

What is Employee Engagement? Employee engagement is an emotional state and a behavioral reaction to an employee's relationship with his/her manager and perception of the organization. Engagement involves an employee's degree of focus, motivation, and pass ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • Pete Tosh
  • Jun 02, 2023
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Motivating Yourself and Others

BEST Motivation Course Ever! MOTIVATION - Gain an Unfair Advantage in Life By Learning How to Motivate Yourself and Others!  Motivation is the MASTER Skill of Success!  Without it, You will Fail. With It, You will have Massive Success! NO FLUFF, TONS of Speci ...

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Scheduling Best Practices

The intended purpose of scheduling on a construction project is to help in ensure that all activities necessary to complete the work in accordance with the requirements of the contract documents are included and are properly planned, staffed, coordinated, and ...