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Introduction into Discrete event simulation methodology (DES). Part 1. Dynamic supply & demand balance and capacity problems

Discrete event simulation (DES) is the most powerful methodology used in process data analytics. The following examples will be covered:  (i) Outpatient clinic: centralized or separate locations? (ii) Outpatient clinic: non-steady-state operations, (iii) Outpa ...

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Analyzing Personal Financial Statements

This webinar will allow participants to effectively analyze borrowers’ personal financial statements. 

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Writing Effective Emails

While email has become widely accepted as the default method of communication in business, many employees struggle with balancing appropriate style, tone, and construction with the convenience and speed of email. This webinar takes a fresh look at how to use p ...

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Excel - Essentials for the Absolute Beginner

This training is aimed at users who have very limited knowledge of Excel. If you know what a spreadsheet is, and can navigate around and enter and edit data but want to learn more, this training is for you! It will give you a solid foundation and will equip y ...

  • Basic & Intermediate
  • 60 Mins
  • Mike Thomas
  • Apr 05, 2023
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Suspend Work – “Remain on Standby”

When an owner issue suspends work directive is the contractor entitled to recover delay and delay damages.? This session examines what damages are typically owed when work is suspended and some limitations of suspension damages. Five court cases setting forth ...

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Increased US Tariffs Against China: How to Mitigate Their Effect and Be Compliant

This webinar will teach you how to lawfully reduce your tariff costs. Also, attendees will learn how to do this without large investments while also being compliant with all Customs laws.

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Public Speaking Without Fear: How to Go From Nervous and Scared to Energized and Confident

This webinar will show you how to manage and prevent fear of public speaking by giving you effective techniques. You will learn how to harness your nervous energy, engage with your audience, and use your body language to feel more confident in front of an audi ...

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Understanding Excel's Basic Formulas and Functions

Attendees will create and edit basic mathematical formulas. You will build formulas in Excel with the function autocomplete or by typing them manually, while learning essential functions like SUM, MIN, MAX, AVERAGE, and COUNT. You will also learn the differenc ...

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15 Microsoft Outlook Features that give you Screaming Productivity

Using hidden features of Microsoft Outlook to the fullest extent possible is like putting time – which is money – directly into your pocket instead of letting it trickle down the drain.  You paid a great deal for the privilege of using Microsoft Outlook – why ...

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Excel Spreadsheets; develop and validate for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

This interactive webinar explains how to configure and validate GxP-compliant spreadsheet applications to avoid FDA 483s. Follow the step-by-step instructions as we configure Excel for audit trails, security features, and data entry verification. Understand ho ...