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Live Webinar

How to get a 510(k) for a Machine Learning Product

We will explain what a 510(k) is and explain the other FDA regulatory pathways. We will discuss how software can be considered a device by the FDA.  The procedure to obtain a 510(k) will be explained.  The contents of the submission to the FDA will be explain ...

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Data Integrity for production personnel

Nowadays, data integrity observations are of paramount importance. Because the observations are categorized as Major in nature. This training will help to understand production personnel and the personnel related to the production department (QA, QC, developme ...

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Medical Device Hazard analysis following ISO 14971

The US FDA expects that as part of a product development Design Control Program risk management will be conducted. FDA also expects a post production risk management program be implemented. FDA recommends using ISO 14971 as a guide and has accepted it as a re ...

Live Webinar

Analytical Method Validation and Transfer

This course provides guidance on how to perform QC analytical test method validations and transfers. One of the most critical factors in developing and marketing pharmaceutical drug substances and drug products is ensuring that the analytical methods used for ...

Live Webinar

Risk Based Design Control Requirements and Industry Best Practices for Medical Devices

This course will explain how to manage a design program that will meet FDA requirements and minimize chances of your medical device being recalled. ISO 13485 has almost identical requirements. Such a program will also help to get projects completed on time and ...

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The Importance of Packaging and Labeling in Pharmaceutical Product Development

Occupying a critical position in the success or failure of any pharmaceutical product launch or revision, Packaging and Labeling form a bridge between the conception of a product and its realization and distribution. Their activities are also crucial for compl ...

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ChatGPT: How Accountants Can Use AI

The ability to take advantage of this technology and others is the way the world is moving towards. AI is starting to become a tool that’s incorporated into everyday life. We need to embrace it.

Live Webinar

Human Error Solutions: How We Reduced 60% Of Human Errors In Less Than A Year, A Case Study

Pharmaceutical manufacturing sites continuously compete, even within the same company to maintain production volumes and avoid closures. To attain the status of high-performing organization manufacturing sites are implementing strategies and practices like ope ...

Live Webinar

Training Effectiveness: How to develop instruments to measure learning and reduce errors

Training programs have evolved through time. Human reliability or human error is usually attributed to training effectiveness or training program weaknesses/strengths. Even though Training is considered the “vaccine for mistakes,” Training is as good as its ef ...

Recorded Webinar

Current GXP expectations on Water system validation compliance

The most crucial factor to achieve Business Growth in Pharma manufacturing nowadays, is Compliance with GMP norms, so as to increase the technical and financial strength of Manufacturing units. Currently, the aspect focused on by most Auditors, both internal, ...